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Gyzda script by Tawaki Gyzda script :icontawaki:Tawaki 1 0 Zgo Script by Tawaki Zgo Script :icontawaki:Tawaki 0 0 Shoogantshii by Tawaki Shoogantshii :icontawaki:Tawaki 1 0
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Unitalicized what Twilight says, italicized what she adds to herself, in her own head.
Hello, Toola-Roola. Been a long time.
Yes, we accept cards from Canterlot.
Glad to see you. And I truly am sorry over the graduation party incident. Shining was right; that was very thoughtless of me.
Thanks. How are you?
That's great! I can see how a year here in Ponyville could inspire you.
My friends Fluttershy and Rarity really like your work. And that's high praise coming from Rarity, let me tell you. Yes, THE Fluttershy, but I don't think she'd want me saying so.
Why didn't you tell me you were coming?
You're right, I wasn't very sociable. And that's putting it mildly.
By the way, are the Chargertons still teaching? I was in Canterlot recently and recognized them, but I had other things on my mind. I was kicking myself for wasting a perfectly good time spell...
That's good. Barbara really knows how to make history come alive. If I didn't know better, I'd say she
:icontawaki:Tawaki 4 1
What's Old Is New Again
Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2209 Theatrical Festival!
First, the best plays rooted in the Great Saga!
The best whole story arcs are:
In third place, Grover Starr's Endor Cycle, consisting of Yoda, The Commandos, and The Ewoks!
In second place, Paul Smith's Courkrus Cycle, consisting of The Survivors, The Invids, and The Jensaarai!
Aaaaand, in first place, Roberta Yang's Anakineia, consisting of Vua Rapuung, Corran on Yag'Dhul, and Anakin Solo!
The best tragedies are:
In third place, Captain Needa by Karl Bernbaum!
In second place, The Thanta Zilbrans by Lusi Domingues!
Aaaaand, in first place, Dana Jones' heartwrenching Search for Resa Greenbark! And the judges were unanimous, for the first time in this festival's history!
Special mention must be given to The Jawas by Adrian Vardo, which is superb, but missed third place by one vote.
The best non-tragic dra
:icontawaki:Tawaki 0 0
Sabemzhim by Tawaki Sabemzhim :icontawaki:Tawaki 0 0
Derpy Hooves Is a Silly Pony
To the tune of "Who's a Silly Pony" from  "Seven Songs and a Story"
Who's a silly pony?
You're a silly pony!
Who is? You is,
Derpy Hooves
Wrecking the town hall and
Draining apple basins
Who is? You is,
Derpy Hooves
Watch out with that thunder cloud
Lightning will go any way it will
And don't touch AJ's baked bads
Lest you end up very ill
Who's a silly pony?
You're a silly pony!
Who is? You is,
Derpy Hooves
Dropping half your cargo
Onto Twilight Sparkle
Who is? You is,
Derpy Hooves
Moving stuff with Boxxy Brown, and--
Whoops there goes a piano, crash!
Can you wrangle with the weather?
No, you just zapped Rainbow Dash!
Who's a silly pony?
You're a silly pony!
Who is? You is,
Derpy Hooves
Hiding in a coop and
Sneaking onto stage, oh
Who is? You is,
Derpy Hooves
Derpy Hooves
Derpy Hooves
When the Winter Wrap-Up comes
And bird-fetching you think best
Call for Flutter, she will fetch them
She will not go north or west
Who's a silly pony?
You're a silly pony!
Who is? You is,
:icontawaki:Tawaki 3 0
Princess Cadance -- SPOILERS!
To the tune of Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber
You could have written me
Much earlier on
About the wedding plans
And something's wrong
She does not know the rhyme
She taught to me
She's not the Princess Cadance that I knew
'Tis plain to see
What has come over you?
Do you forget
This is the Cadance you
in foalhood met
Pre-wedding jitters are
The reason why
She is not acting like the mare you knew
So chill out, Twi
She's cast a spell on you
That is quite clear
Quite twisted she's become-
Now disappear!
What's gotten into you/her?
I do not know
She is/She's not the Princess Cadance that you/I knew
So long ago!
I'm here
I am the Cadence you both know
I fear
The fake one's plans are set to go
Oh Twilie you were right!
We've all been had
The changelings swarm the town
It's looking bad
But though Celestia's
Hors de combat
Yet Princess Cadance' love for you/me may save
:icontawaki:Tawaki 1 3
Pinkie Pie
This is a party
Let's have a blast and celebrate
Now let the good times roll like Tuesday's thunder
Sugarcube Corner Is where the party's going on
This the building that looks like
Confections three in a stack
Party cannon fires and the party begins
And some tails on a pony's picture are pinned
Fills our afternoon with sun
We will have a lot of fun
For the party's thrown by Pinkie Pie
And if you are angry,
Anxious, or just in a bad mood;
Even if you are a podex equi
Pinkie Pie wants to
Help you to cheer up and relax
Pinkie wants to turn your frown
Pi radians; no more, no less
And if you get pranked, we hope there's no harm done
'Twill mean we're sure you can see it is all in good fun
Laughter's always Pinkie's style
And she loves to see a smile
Means stability for Pinkie Pie
A park, business, farm or
Canterlot Castle; Pinkie can
Throw a bash in nearly any venue
Sunny Town even
That was a joke, ha-ha, no way.
Anyway this cake is great
As are the muffins and punch
And if everypony
:icontawaki:Tawaki 1 1
One Sonic Rainboom -- Spoilers
Pegasi a-racin'
Dashie, Hoops, and Billy
Billy hits a post
Watch that filly!
Rainbow Dash racin' for to prove
Noone bullies Fluttershy!
And just look at young Dashie move
Zoomin' through the sky
Now a-divin' faster
Take a look as Dash zooms
Divin' through a low hoop
Then we hear a boom
Rainbow shockwave above the ground
Rainbow contrail is in the sky
These change Rainbow Dash and five
Other fillies' lives
'Gainst th'return of Nightmare Moon
Just one sonic rainboom
Links these pony lives
For when long night arrives
One sonic rai-ai-ainboom!
One sonic rai-ai-ainboom!
Rarity's a-fallin'
Wonderbolts are knocked out
Rainbow Dash is divin'
Time is runnin' out
Faster now, and faster still
Bow arc narrows 'round Rainbow Dash
Who catches up to the fallin' ones
With a bang and a flash
Saves all four from certain doom
Just one sonic rainboom
Now watch Dashie fly!
Nopony's gonna die!
One sonic rai-ai-ainboom!
One sonic rai-ai-ainboom!
:icontawaki:Tawaki 0 0
3d Jothur by Tawaki 3d Jothur :icontawaki:Tawaki 0 0 A'Truvo by Tawaki A'Truvo :icontawaki:Tawaki 0 1 SHadro by Tawaki SHadro :icontawaki:Tawaki 0 0 ZHadra start position by Tawaki ZHadra start position :icontawaki:Tawaki 0 1 Shoguyin by Tawaki Shoguyin :icontawaki:Tawaki 0 0 Kotelar Torissogi by Tawaki Kotelar Torissogi :icontawaki:Tawaki 1 0


Coco Pommel movie style vector. by PrincessFireShinee Coco Pommel movie style vector. :iconprincessfireshinee:PrincessFireShinee 54 23 Centaur Princess by moondragonwings Centaur Princess :iconmoondragonwings:moondragonwings 125 59 Little Sunshine by InkRose98 Little Sunshine :iconinkrose98:InkRose98 582 143 Centauress on a Meadow by MatejCadil Centauress on a Meadow :iconmatejcadil:MatejCadil 111 47 Andrew R Taylor by Andyt30 Andrew R Taylor :iconandyt30:Andyt30 2 0 The Librarian by FreyrStrongart The Librarian :iconfreyrstrongart:FreyrStrongart 47 19 For Khyle by Jay-Kuro For Khyle :iconjay-kuro:Jay-Kuro 69 8 Grecian Kentauride by Yubria Grecian Kentauride :iconyubria:Yubria 89 25 #62 Centaur Guard by LateAMdoodles #62 Centaur Guard :iconlateamdoodles:LateAMdoodles 26 33 Centaur girl by FluffyXai Centaur girl :iconfluffyxai:FluffyXai 139 17 Centaur Warrior by Majentta Centaur Warrior :iconmajentta:Majentta 175 24 Midday Naps by romanoslover Midday Naps :iconromanoslover:romanoslover 4 0 Centaur Mare and Foal by Dorothy-T-Rose Centaur Mare and Foal :icondorothy-t-rose:Dorothy-T-Rose 150 48 Don`t mess with my sister. by mplumb
Mature content
Don`t mess with my sister. :iconmplumb:mplumb 32 1
Pinkie Pie by Deadulus Pinkie Pie :icondeadulus:Deadulus 7 0 Queen Novo by MythPony Queen Novo :iconmythpony:MythPony 15 0


Charles Bellinger
United States
I will be making modifications to my works, mostly in descriptions. I realized some of the games are unplayable as I made them, and I have revamped a few grammars. So I'll be a few edits in the next week or so, as my schedule permits.

Update: Reworking the 3d game will take longer.
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